Fifty new players flooded the free agent market on Tuesday as teams declined to offer these players contracts for 2006. Teams can re-sign these players — but they will try to do so at a lower rate.

This process has netted teams quality players in the past. In 2002, the Twins non-tendered David Ortiz. Boston signed him a month later, and Big Papi was reborn. Last year, the Angels non-tendered David Eckstein and signed Orlando Cabrera. The OC was a bust, while Eck was an All-Star.

Unfortunately, the list is weak this year. If you want bad starting pitching, Ryan Franklin, Dewon Brazelton and Josh Fogg are available. Or you can get yourself an injured arm that like Wade Miller. A 16-game winner in 2001 with the Astros, he was non-tendered by Boston. Wes Obermueller and Dan Kolb — who were traded for each other just weeks ago — were non-tendered by the Braves and Brewers, respectively. Eric Byrnes, who played for three clubs in ’05 — the A’s, Rockies and Orioles — was non-tendered by Baltimore. Alex Escobar, the Mets prospect that fans drooled over earlier this century, was non-tendered by the Nationals. And the Rays, who had bullpen implosions on a nightly basis in ’05, non-tendered relievers Joe Borowski and Lance Carter.

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^^”Chewbacca’s younger brother.” Funny.

I’m just thinking that the pool of tremendous Yankee bats will inspire and push Damon to equal or better his previous two years. Has nothing to do with hair or facial growth.

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