Johnny don’t shave

In The Boss’ world, highlights are cool, but long hair and beards are not. (AP)

As a former hippie who spent some time following Phish around the country, I have no problem with long hair and a beard — or as we called it on tour, “The Wookie Look.” Unfortunately for Johnny Damon, George Steinbrenner hates this look. I am not a fan of this rule. Players should have long hair if they want. They should be able to grow a beard.

Plus in Damon’s case, he’s a better player with The Wookie Look. The numbers don’t lie.

Prior to 2004, Damon was a lifetime .284 batter. That spring, he shows up looking like Chewbacca’s younger brother. And for the next two seasons, Damon The Wookie bats .310.

So, I ask The Boss that he change the rule. Let Damon’s hair flow. Let Jason Giambi look like a Heavy Metal star again. Let Randy Johnson grow some facial hair. If you want to ban something Boss, ban highlights. A-Rod and Giambi look ridiculous with them.

This isn’t The OC. It’s NYC.

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