Deep thoughts: Sept. 11

? What an amazing sports day for me. The Yankees edged the Red Sox in one of the best games of the year; the Giants destroyed the Cardinals; I took my boss behind the woodshed in the MLBAM Fantasy Football League; and I hold a slight lead over fellow MLBlogger Dan Rivkin in the Bullpen League. Life is good.

? Randy Johnson wore the big-boy pants on Sunday. His slider was dancing all day long, and the Red Sox looked clueless at the plate. He allowed one hit in seven innings, striking out eight and outdueling Tim Wakefield, who gave up just three hits over eight innings. Wake was up to the challenge, striking out 12.

Wake, though, made one bad pitch — a curveball that Jason Giambi short-porched in the first inning for the game’s only run. It was Giambi’s 29th homer of the season and his second in the last two games. The guy is having an amazing season. He deserves the AL Comeback Player of the Year Award.

? I am trying not to get too excited about the New York Football Giants, but they looked awfully good against the Cardinals. Eli Manning turned in a pedestrian performance (10-of-23 for 172 yards), but his 13-yard toss to Plaxico Burress in the fourth quarter was sweet. Burress looked good in his Giant debut, as did bruising rookie back Brandon Jacobs. The D came to play for the G-Men. I love Antonio Pierce. I may have to get his jersey.

? Back to baseball. Those pesky Indians won’t fold. They’ve won seven straight, and pretty much ended the Twins’ season on Sunday night. Grady Sizemore is unbelievable. The kid went 3-for-4 with three runs and three RBIs, and made a ridiculous catch in center. Watch the catch >

? The Indians still might catch the White Sox in the American League Central. They are 5 1/2 games out, and the rest of their schedule isn’t that difficult:


Sept. 12-14 vs. Oakland; Sept. 16-18 vs. Kansas City; Sept. 19-21 at Chicago White Sox; Sept. 22-25 at Kansas City; Sept. 27-29 vs. Tampa Bay; Sept. 30-Oct. 2 vs. Chicago White Sox

? The A’s lost to the Rangers on Sunday , but that didn’t stop Oakland from hazing its rookies. Closer Huston Street (right) — who might just be the American League Rookie of the Year — was forced to look like Lita Ford. Fellow rooks Nick Swisher dressed as an electrical plug, Joe Blanton was an electrical outlet and Dan Johnson dressed as a mustard container.

? Albert Pujols is going to miss out on the NL MVP Award again. Andruw Jones is looking like the frontrunner, have crushing Nos. 48 and 49 on Sunday. Pujols’ batting average, though, is keeping him in the race.

? Barry Bonds will be starting in left field Monday night against the Padres at SBC Park and batting fourth in his first game back after months of rehab on his surgically repaired right knee.

? Two series with Wild Card implications begin on Monday: A’s face the Indians and the Marlins meet the Astros. Dontrelle Willis goes after his 21st win in the latter.

? Is anyone else sick of Chris Berman’s shtick on ESPN’s Primetime? I sure am. It’s getting old Boomer.

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