I am ready for some Fantasy football

I had Monday night off for the fourth annual Major League Baseball Advanced Media Fantasy Football Draft. I have had great success in the 12-team league, winning it in 2002, then finishing fourth in 2003 and third last year.

It’s a far cry from my Fantasy Baseball status. I absolutely stink this year in baseball. Currently, I am 13th in a 15-team league. I cracked the top 10 for a bit, but injuries just killed me.

But I have always had luck on my side in Fantasy Football. I picked third overall on Monday, the highest selection I have ever had in any draft. Peyton Manning and Daunte Culpepper went one and two, respectively, which was fine with me, since I wanted LaDainian Tomlinson and got him.

Since receivers are heavily rewarded in this league, I took Chad Johnson with my second-round pick instead of another running back. On the way back, I snagged Terrell Owens with my third-round choice. I hate the guy with a passion — and I despise the Eagles — but I couldn’t pass TO up.

With the quality running backs gone, I turned my attention to tight end, nabbing Antonio Gates with my fourth pick. I then went with quarterback Marc Bulger on the way back.

Our league uses individual defensive players instead of team defense. So I went out and got myself some stud defensive backs — Ed Reed and Rodney Harrison. Later on, I would pick Sammy Knight. I turned my attention to linebacker, drafting Zach Thomas, James Farrior and Antonio Pierce.

Getting those picks out of the way enabled me to pick the two best kickers on the board — Jason Elam and Mike Vanderjagt. That keeps one of those guys away from everyone else in the league.

I got Jerome Bettis late to serve as my second running back, and added rookie backs Frank Gore and Eric Shelton real late in the draft. Keenan McCardell, Keyshawn Johnson, Tyrone Calico and Reggie Williams round out my receiving corps. Eric Johnson will back up Gates at tight end.

In all, I am happy with my team. I can’t wait to see how the season plays out.

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