Random thoughts

? Two larger-than-life characters — Babe Ruth and Elvis Presley — died on Aug. 16, 29 years apart. The Babe died in 1948 while The King passed away in 1977.

? Conspiracy theorists everywhere are wondering if Gerald Williams purposely ruined Pedro Martinez’s no-hitter on Sunday. Williams once rushed the mound after Pedro hit him with a pitch a few years back. Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron would have both made the grab, that’s for sure. I will say this: It was a difficult play for Williams, a part-time player, to make.

Williams made an amazing grab to preserve Dwight Gooden’s no-no in 1996. But it was definitely a tougher play to make Sunday.

? "Entourage" is the best show on television. Period. End of discussion.

? Alex Rodriguez is the American League’s MVP. He leads the circuit in homers, slugging and OPS, is second in on-base percentage, is third in RBIs and runs, is fifth in batting average.

? The mom in the original "Bad News Bears" is pretty hot. You know who I am talking about: She’s married to the crazy Yankees manager, and leaves with their kid after the sicko skipper slapped junior around on the mound during the championship game against the Bears.

? The Eagles should just trade Terrell Owens. He’s not worth the trouble. The guy is a narcissist. He’s in love with himself, and doesn’t care about anyone else. Deal him to Atlanta.

? The Pardavila Ballpark Tour continues on Aug. 26 when my wife and I attend the Tigers-Red Sox game at Fenway Park. It will be our second trip to the venerable ballpark.

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