Arbitrator makes bad decision

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers will be pitching on Wednesday night at Fenway Park after independent arbitrator Shyam Das ruled Tuesday that the 20-game suspension handed down to Rogers on July 27 should be reduced to time served.

Rogers was out 13 games since Commissioner Bud Selig announced the 20-game suspension for Rogers’ confrontation with two cameramen on June 29 at Ameriquest Field.

This is a horrible decision. Rogers was caught on tape, attacking two innocent bystanders who were just doing their jobs. Heck, I thought 20 games wasn’t enough — that’s just four starts. He deserved a 30-game suspension.

Selig wasn’t happy with the decision either.

“It sends the wrong message to every one of our constituents: the fans, the media and our players,” Selig said.

I hope the Red Sox take out the big bats and give Rogers a Fenway welcome. He hasn’t pitched too well there in his career — he’s 5-5 lifetime in Boston with a 5.29 ERA. Plus he’s rusty. So it could be a short night for the Gambler.

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