My brother, the ball-buster

Having trouble falling asleep, which is normal when you work these hours. I am always wired when I come home. I sit back, relax with my wife and scan what’s on the TIVO. Sundays are always great because “Entourage” is waiting for me.

Tonight, I got to see the latest episode of HBO’s “Real Sports,” which includes a feature on the best announcer in baseball, Vin Scully. It was a great piece and I recommend you watch it. No other announcer does it better than Mr. Scully. The man is a legend.

I was just watching the local morning news on WABC-7 when anchor Steve Bartelstein — a huge Cubs fan — mentioned my brother, Joe. He’s better known as “The Monkey Boy,” a radio personality here on New York’s WPLJ, 95.5 FM.

My brother and I are very different. For one, he is a die-hard Mets fan/Yankee hater. Whenever the Yankees lose a heartbreaker, Joe will call and bust chops. Like if David Ortiz kills the Yanks — which has been often — Joe will call and say, “Hello, it’s David Ortiz. Stop throwing me junk.”

Bartelstein got that treatment on Monday. After the Mets polished off a sweep of the Cubs, Joe sent the anchor this message: “Hollandsworth, Lawton, Macias. There’s a scary outfield for you right there.”

My brother and I can talk baseball for hours. He really knows his stuff. And he’s suffering. It’s been 19 years and counting since the Mets last won the World Series. And he’s never seen his beloved Jets play in the Super Bowl. The day either of those teams win it all, I am hiding my phone.

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Who’s this Parnevik kid anyway? Monkey Boy? Try Primadonna Primate.
Pretty easy to kick dirt on Henry Blanco isn’t it?

Listen, I’ll take Macias over Mays anyday, and as far as patroling the Ivy in left and right. The only tandem I might take ahead of them would be Henry Cotto and Keith Moreland…they of 1984 fame.

Tell the ape man there to pipe down…my day’s coming…course my grandfather was rumored to of said the same thing. Come to think of it, so did my dad. They both died without seeing the cubs win a world series.**********, maybe the Gorilla guy’s right. My team does ****. Where’s Paul Bako when you need him?

I could go on, but who’d read it. Heading to the Cubbie Bear…my buds are waiting. Listen, if you see Biitner, Dillard, and Hickman, tell ’em we’ll be there late.

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