Another bush-league play by A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez is an incredible player. I think he’s the best all-around player of my generation. But man, he does some bush-league things at times.

Last year in the ALCS, he got slappy with Bronson Arroyo. And on Monday night against the White Sox, A-Rod pulled another fast one.

With Gary Sheffield on first base in the bottom of the fifth, A-Rod — who hit his AL-leading 32nd homer in the first — launched a deep drive to right-center. Jermaine Dye crashed against the wall to haul in the smash. it looked like the Pale Hose had Sheffield doubled off, but the throw back to the infield hit Rodriguez — who basically allowed the throw to hit him. Because of that, Sheffield returned safely to first. Watch the play and see for yourself.

The White Sox pushed for an interference call, claiming Rodriguez intentionally stayed in the path of the throw. But home-plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt ruled Rodriguez’s actions were unintentional and allowed the call to stand.

I have a great deal of respect for what A-Rod’s done in his career. But many players are getting sick of A-Rod’s hijinks. So cut the bush-league stuff out, dude.

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