Sir Sydney gets pounded

Ponson_plusIt was a heavyweight battle on Tuesday night in Anaheim between Sydney Ponson and Bartolo Colon. Punchy Colon allowed just one run on 10 hits in seven innings. Sir Sydney was not as lucky.

I don’t see Ponson finishing the season with the O’s. They want to get rid of him in the worst way, and he will definitely clear waivers — especially if he keeps pitching like he did against the Angels.

Granted, the Angels can hit. Ponson allowed three homers to two of the best hitters in baseball — Vlad Guerrero (who hit two of them) and Garret Anderson.

But let’s be honest: He’s out of shape, and his control is way off. He throw 100 pitches, and 58 were strikes — not the best ratio. Ponson hasn’t won a game since beating the lowly Rockies on June 18. He went 0-4 in July with a 7.89 ERA, and he’s continuing that trend in August.

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I am from Aruba and I wish all the Aruban players (and the ones from Curacao) all the best.
But, because of his behavior (here in Aruba) and because of his arrogance, I had hoped from the start that he would have a bad/horrible season.

I hope he will learn from this and grow up! Try to get in shape and maybe next year he’ll be back to being the pitcher that he can be.

For now I am very happy with his performances this season and quite frankly I am surprised they didn’t bench him for a while or send him down.

Grow up “Sir”

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