Rogers gets roasted

Real long night in the bullpen — that’s what we call the editorial space. Everything that could happen went down on Tuesday night: A no-hitter (Randy Johnson) watch; a player (Matt Clement) got hurt badly; some walk-offs (Aster and Braves); a milestone (Greg Maddux’s 3,000th strikeout); a long win streak (A’s) snapped and extra baseball (Braves, Giants and Red Sox win in extra innings). It was definitely a great night for baseball.

By the way, that Giants-Cubs game was supposed to start at 8:05 p.m. ET, but was delayed by rain for two hours and 43 minutes. The game finally ended in the 11th, and it lasted three hours and 28 minutes. It was the last game to end on Tuesday night.

The big news today as I wake up is that Commissioner Bud Selig has upheld Kenny Rogers’ 20-game suspension. I applaud the move. Rogers shouldn’t be allowed to bully around members of the media just because he is in a bad mood. The suspension is warranted. I feel bad for the Rangers, who are in the middle of a pennant race and now have to go on with their best pitcher.

Rogers needs to calm down and take some anger management courses. I don’t know how he survived his two tours of duty in New York City with the Yankees and Mets. There are cameras everywhere in those clubhouses.

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